During the summer, your body loses water both inside and out. Your skin suffers: it tugs, peels and becomes dull. The sun also speeds up its ageing process. Here are a few solutions to help moisturize and protect your skin and restore its suppleness!

Cryolipolysis or "CoolSculpting" is a non-invasive (non-surgical) technique that uses controlled cooling to eliminate fat cells in a particular area. Without needles or anesthesia, this treatment is very popular in aesthetic medical practices. Surgeons and aesthetic doctors, as well as dermatologists will be able to carry out this procedure. What are the advantages and limitations of this revolutionary technique that allows you to lose fat withou

Glasswort is a plant that grows by the sea and possesses properties that are of great interest for the skin. But where does this extraordinary plant actually come from? Glasswort, of the genus Salicornia, comes from the Arabic salcoran and owes its name to its shape: the series of bulging forms that end in a sort of protruding nipple called a “salt horn”, already giving us a clue as to its suitability for salty places.

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