The skin is our first touch point with the external environment, this is a protective barrier essential to our organism. But what happens when this environment is constantly changing: climate changes, pollution, aggressions... Many stressors our skin is daily facing and needs help to deal with.

After a cut, a wound, an aesthetic procedure or even after acne issues, many people have healing problems. Indeed, the healing process is complexe and can vary according to people. It is linked to diverse factors as located skin lesions repairing and damaged tissues regeneration. If the process is altered, the lesion can lead to a visible scar that can be permanent on the skin surface.

Looking to get rid of your little lumps and bumps, get a flat tummy, firm up your figure and get a fabulous shapely bottom, or maybe tone up your body after the birth of your baby? There are all sorts of ways to get a dream body, all set for the beach as well as all year round! Professional bodysculpting products, exercise, diet, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.... Of course miracles don't happen by themselves, and often take time. The mos

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