Parisian Laser Days 2018 in Review

Parisian Laser Days 2018 in Review

A key event for all dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and other specialists interested in the use of lasers and energy-based devices, each year more than 200 practitioners and 40 exhibitors come together for the Parisian Laser Days. Inspired by a desire to discuss and share knowledge, the French Society of Dermatology’s Laser Group, chaired by Dr Jean-Michel Mazer, created the event.

The latest edition took place on Friday and Saturday, 8 and 9 June, at the Novotel Paris Centre Eiffel Tower Hotel. Friday was also a day of introductory and advanced training on laser techniques for assistants.

The 2018 edition was chaired by Dr Thierry Fusade, with the assistance of François Will and Bertrand Pusel. It focused on a subject of concern to dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, laserists and even non-laserists: scars and their treatment.

“From scar prevention to treatment, by type”

This year’s guiding thread related to the place of lasers in the treatment of various types of scars. A full day was dedicated to the subject, given the important – if not indispensable – role now played by lasers: from prevention to appropriate treatments depending on scar type (atrophic, hypertrophic, hyperpigmented to hypochromic, erythematous, etc.).

Many renowned doctors came to lead and explain plenary sessions covering subjects such as:

  • Vicious scars: adhesions, hypertrophic and keloid scars
  • Post-operative scars
  • Acne scars

Other topics covered

A second topic punctuated the convention: the place of lasers in treating angiomas and other paediatric pathologies. Classes and expert debates rounded out these days, providing highly specialized expertise and the latest news on the use of lasers.

CEBELIA’s expertise

As part of our test & learn approach, each CEBELIA skincare product is inspired by a need observed on the ground by aesthetic physicians and surgeons. Each aesthetic procedure has an impact on the patient’s skin. In this case, lasers can cause overheating, uncomfortable burning sensations, redness and swelling, or even oedema. In response to those issues, CEBELIA came to share its expertise on the subject with a presentation of our flagship post-laser product, CEBELIA Extreme Care.

Perfectly suited for post-laser skin care, its powerful neuropeptide immediately soothes redness and sensations of heat whilst providing a wave of coolness thanks to its Quick Break technology, a refreshing gel/cream, as well as its Mexican cactus extract. Glasswort moisturizes any weakened skin intensely and, to round out the formula, our patented Cebeline peptide accelerates the skin’s repair process. Fragrance free out of respect for damaged skin. Click here to learn more and to view the product information sheet. The complete list of ingredients and before & after pictures await.

In some cases, lasers may alter the skin and/or cause bruising to appear (mainly in the most sensitive areas like around the eyes). To satisfy the conventioneers’ expectations in relation to the formation of scar tissue and bruises, we also showcased our CEBELIA LCE Balm. It uses a combination of a silicone gel texture which forms a non-occlusive protective film to boost the skin’s repair process, and the technology of our patented Cebeline peptide which acts on cellular repair. We have added blackcurrant extract to reduce bruising, not to mention escin which curtails oedema. All of this in a fragrance free, preservative free formula to protect altered skins. Click here to learn more and to view the product information sheet. The complete list of ingredients and before & after pictures await.

L'équipe CEBELIA

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