Which beauty routine for my skin?

Which beauty routine for my skin?

Which beauty routine for my skin?



Skin – the largest human body organ – reflects daily our intern balance. It highlights tirednessstress accumulationageing signsdehydration and so more. More than a punctual attention, skin deserves we take care of it every day and that we consider our beauty routine as an important part of our daily habits. All cosmetic products show it: to be efficient, they need to be used on a long-term basis. Beauty routine is like sport routine: disciplinededication and pleasure are the secret.


But what are the beauty gestures and beauty products to be used in a perfect beauty routine? What are the ones adapted to your skin?



1/ CLEANING & MAKEUP REMOVING: 2 essential steps which are too much forgotten


Let’s begin by the morning:

We often forget it but after a good sleeping night, our skin needs to be cleansed. A face cleaning with fresh water wakes softly the skinreactivates microcirculation and gives a well appreciated kickstart to begin the day. Moreover, cleanse a skin after the night is essential to remove the sebum excess accumulated during the night and all the small impurities our skin eliminated when we slept.


To cleanse your skin softly, we recommend you use our Softening Soap: economic and ecologic thanks to its solid format, it cleanses the skin while bringing comfort and hydration. Composed of ingredients of vegetal origin, like sweet almond oil and shea butter, the active ingredients complex rebalances the drying effect of cleansing agents. Indeed, cleansing agents have a pH too far from the natural pH of the skin and this active ingredient complex compensates the effect and gets closer to the natural pH of the skin.



skin routine 



At the end of the day:

On the evening, after a long day, this is also important to cleanse the skin of all the impurities and external aggressions it faced during the day: pollution, cigarette smoke, fine particles… everything is accumulated at the surface of the body, on the skin which is acting like a real barrier for all our organism.

Nevertheless, before cleansing, the makeup removing step must not be neglectedCleansing does not substitute to makeup removing: if you applied a BB cream, a powder, a concealer… don’t forget to remove it! This is a simple gesture but so important for your skin! Contrary to what many people think: if you forget to remove your makeup, this will have an immediate repercussion on your skin: pores are visible and obstructed and skin ageing process accelerates. After the makeup removing step, cleanse your skin to remove the wastes of the makeup removal step and let your skin clean and ready to receive its night care.


We recommend using our 2 in 1 product: our Cleansing Milk. Formulated to remove makeup and cleanse the skin simultaneously, this product with a double action removes makeup tracescleanses impurities and leaves a protective film on the skin thanks to hydrating and nourishing sweet almond oil. The skin is then ready to receive the skincare it needs. The light and unctuous texture of the CEBELIA Cleansing Milk fits to all skin types, even the most sensitive or oily ones.


night routine 


2/ IDENTIFY YOUR NEEDS: Choose the products adapted to your skin 


Your skin is unique and deserves to be treated with carefulness. Before everything, this is necessary to identify its needs.


With tirednessstress and pollution, your skin faces everyday many external aggressions that speed up dehydrationskin ageing effects and lack of brightness. You can’t find the product answering your different skin issues? CEBELIA has exactly the perfect product for you:


With our new CEBELIA PRO range and our My L-HA Booster serum: you don’t need to choose anymore. This skincare product offers you the possibility to treat different skin issues you may have. Composed of Hyaluronic Acid, our patented active ingredient Cebeline and a cocktail of vitamins, it boosts your skincare products effects.


This serum has to be combined with 3 different concentrates to bring 3 different benefits:

The HYDRATING that brings hydrationsuppleness and comfort to your skin thanks to hyaluronic acid, panthenol, Centella Asiatica extract and elastin.

The ANTI-AGING for a powerful anti-aging effect thanks to coenzyme Q10, argireline, ceramides and ferulic acid. It will give you a firmer, more elastic and youthful skin.

The BRIGHTENING to fight against dull and tired skin tone. It offers brightness and unity to your skin thanks to glutathione, keratoline and vitamin B9.


You can even choose one concentrate or combine many of them in function of your skin issues. You just have to mixt 1 or more concentrates to your My L-HA Booster and then to apply it every morning and/or evening on your skin: face, neck and décolleté.


The My L-HA Booster serum, with its fluid and light texturepenetrates quickly and fits every skin type.



cebelia serum 



3/ HYDRATION & NUTRITION : the essentials  


To begin the day, skin needs its daily dose of hydration – thanks to a natural hydration factor that contributes to skin’s humidification – or by the action of an active ingredient strengthening the hydrolipidic film and reducing the TEWL - and a dose of nutrition – lipids as oil for instance. What you need to keep in mind to choose your daily skincare, is your skin type because this is what defines your skin needs. During life, skin type evolves, and skin can be dry and later oily (during puberty or with age for instance). This is highly important to adapt the skincare you use to your current skin type so as to be the closest possible to its needs.


Thus, before 25 years old, a dry to mixt skin needs an hydrating and protective skincare such as our Comfort Cream that hydrates and protects daily the skin: it makes it less sensitive and reactive to external aggressions it faces everyday: pollution, change of temperature, extreme climatic conditions… By reinforcing the protective barrier of the skin, it protects its natural and optimal functioning and acts as a real anti-aging prevention. Skin is hydratedprotected and smoothed.


comfort creme application


For a more sensitive skineasily irritated and subject to redness, our Extreme Care can be used as a daily care. Its soft and fragrance-free formula fits perfectly to sensitive skins, it reduces little redness that can appeare daily by hydrating and soothing the skin, bringing it an immediate cooling and comfort sensation.


Finally, this is more than essential to protect the skin from skin ageing process effects with a good anti-aging product as our Intensive Anti-Aging. Thanks to its patented active ingredient Cebeline, it has a deep action on the Dermo-Epidermal Junction of the skin which is the layer linking dermis and epidermis and which guarantees elasticity and firmness to the skin. It acts deeply to correct skin ageing signs and to revamp the skin.


Anti-aging care is the indispensable step for mature skins – but not only for them: from 25 years old all skins need a protection. A hydrating and protective cream as our Comfort Cream can be applied on the morning and then an anti-aging skin care as our Intensive Anti-Aging as a night care. Both skin cares are complementary and bring to the skin everything it needs.



4/ EYE CONTOUR AREA: correct and illuminate the look  


The eye contour area can be difficult to treat but this is essential to reserve a step of your beauty routine to this sensitive area - sensitive but not less visible.


The first thing to do to determine the perfect product is to know the effects you are looking for and the kind of dark circles you have.


For instance, for eye bags and swelled eyes, you need a decongesting product. Our L.C.E. Balm can be applied as an eye contour product during the night to hydrate the skin and decongest this sensitive area. You can apply it at night, and it will do its job during the night which is the perfect moment of regeneration for your skin.


Regarding dark circles, you firstly need to know which kind of dark circles you have. If you have brown and black dark circles, you have what we call pigmentary dark circles. They are due to an accumulation of pigment and they need to be treated as pigmentary spots but with products adapted to this sensitive area.

You can use our Eye Brightening that is specifically formulated for this area: without glycolic acid to treat safely pigmentary dark circles and illuminate the look.


dark circles


If dark circles are more blue or purple, these are vascular dark circles appearing because of a bad blood circulation in the eye contour vessels. For this kind of dark circles, you need to use the L.C.E. Regard that will improve microcirculation but also reduce the blue color. Thanks to a pigment, it will also cover and hide the color, acting like a real concealer. With its double action care and makeup, this product treats and covers your dark circles and illuminates your look for the whole day. This is also an excellent base for makeup.



5/ BODY CARE: don’t forget your body!


Last step: never forget to hydrate your whole body: this is the most important part of your skin and you need to include it in your beauty routine. More than a daily cleansing, it also needs daily hydration, especially after shower.


Thus, to hydrate deeply your body, we recommend using our Soothing Milk: this is the essential product of your bathroom. It hydrates your skin deeply thanks to its formula enriched with sweet almond oil and glycerin. It also soothes irritated skin and reduce itching sensations thanks to an active ingredients complex (linden blossom water, allantoin and bisabolol). Its light and fluid texture penetrates quickly on the skin, without greasy effect. It is easy to spread while hydrating and nourishing the skin.


body routine



To conclude, think also of your hand’s hydration. Especially today, when they can easily be dried because of repetitive cleansing. Cleansing agents inside soaps have the side effects to disturb skin natural balance, to weaken skin natural barrier and to dry the skin.

Consequently, this is really important to hydrate your hands with a cream as our Multi-Active Cream. This is a 2 in 1 product: it hydrates the skin and strengthens weakened nails thanks to vitamin A present in the sweet almond oil. Vitamin A strengthens the nails and makes them stronger. Its power is completed by vitamin B that boosts nails’ growth. Thus, with our Multi-Active Cream: you take care of your skin but also of your nails.



You know have everything you need to perfectly take care of your skin and create your perfect beauty routine: completesimple and efficient Made in Cebelia!






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