Which Cebelia products to use for a perfect anti-aging routine? (3/3)

Which Cebelia products to use for a perfect anti-aging routine? (3/3)

To finish with the anti-aging issue, we wanted to offer you the complete and perfect anti-aging routine with Cebelia products. Indeed, highly interested by this skin issue, we developed products to answer every skin need depending on age and environment. Let’s know discover the different steps to follow with our products.


Cebelia anti aging products

1/ Cleanse the skin well from day and night impurities


Cebelia soap

Every beauty routine begins with an essential step before applying a skincare: skin cleansing. Mainly people think about it at the end of the day, but this is also highly important at the beginning of the day. Indeed, during the night, skin is regenerating, and sebum accumulated at the surface of the skin. This is thus important as woken up, to cleanse one’s skin with a soft cleanser as our Softening Soap.


Cebelia Cleansing Milk 

On the evening, before cleansing one’s skin, the make-up remover step is essential. Make-up has to be removed before applying any skincare, then skin also has to be cleansed to remove all the makeup residues. We recommend using our Cleansing Milk with a very soft formula, this 2 in 1 product hydrates and softens the skin while cleansing it.


2/ The serum: real skincare booster


Cebelia My-HA Booster

Before applying your daily skincare, you can complete your routine with a serum. Its fluid texture makes it penetrate quickly and it acts as a real booster. At Cebelia, we developed a new 3rd generation serum: My L-HA Booster that associates hyaluronic acid, a cocktail of peptides, a cocktail of vitamins and a differentiating and key active ingredient which is our exclusive patented Cebeline.

. Hyaluronic acid

As we saw in previous articles, with age, face volumes are changing. Hyaluronic acid draws volumes and hydrates the skin. This is a molecule able to retain up to 1 000 times its weight in water, it has a strong hydrating power that brings comfort and hydration to dehydrated and dry skins.

. Cocktail of vitamins 

Vitamins are powerful antioxidants that slow down cells oxidative stress which is the phenomenon responsible of dull skin tone. Moreover, the vitamins cocktail we chose to add in our serum, also stimulates collagen production responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. It also improves skin barrier function and decreases water loss.

Vitamin B3 also well known as vitamin PP or niacinamide, stimulates lipids synthesis that boost skin ability to heal, improves skin texture and regulates melanin production.

Vitamin C has a renowned action on skin tone brightness and skin texture.

Finally, vitamin E contributes to good skin tissues health by protecting proteins, collagen and elastin. It slows down cells skin aging process and maintains skin elasticity.

. Cocktail of peptides  

Then, the cocktail of peptides is composed of glutathione: a peptide naturally present in the skin to protect cells from deterioration, to eliminate impurities and dead cells. This is an antioxidant that hydrates the skin, increases its elasticity for a real anti-aging effect. Finally, it also has a glow booster effect thanks to its action on melanin and tyrosinase activity that contributes to unify the skin tone.

Our active ingredient Cebeline is an active fragment of Laminin 5 naturally present on the Dermo-Epidermal Junction (DEJ). As we saw it on the first article, this protein decreases with time which directly triggers sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines appearance and regeneration process slowdown. By adding it in our skincare, it replaces laminin 5 when absent or deficient and substitutes to its functions by restoring natural properties of DEJ. 

. Collagen

Naturally present in the skin, collagen gives tissues their mechanical resistance to stretching, it guarantees cohesion between dermis and epidermis and brings support, firmness and suppleness to the skin. In our serum, it firms the skin and redraws the volumes.

. Urea

Urea is a natural moisturizing factor naturally present in the skin to improves its ability to keep hydration by capturing ambient humidity and by making it available to hydrate the skin.

. Coconut and Jojoba oils  

These two oils soften the skin. They both have strong nutritive and regenerative properties.

Our My L-HA Booster serum is to be personalized by adding concentrates. Among the 3 available, our Anti-Aging Concentrate makes the skin firmer and looking younger. For an optimal anti-aging result, we advise you to add it to your My L-HA Booster: its complex of active ingredients will multiply the benefits.

Cebelia anti-aging concentrate 

. Q10 Coenzyme

Q10 coenzyme is well known on the anti-aging market because this is a powerful revitalizing and regenerative antioxidant. This is a molecule that fosters cells renewal, and oxygenation and that slows down skin aging process. It has a very effective action on wrinkles and fine lines.

. Argireline

Argireline is a well-known peptide that destabilizes the complex at the origin of wrinkles and fine lines creation by preventing muscles contracting. It has a powerful botox like effect.

. Ceramides

Ceramides are lipids naturally present on the skin. They guarantee it a younger aspect and maintain the cohesion of the different skin elements. They form a protective layer to help the skin preventing dehydration and to protect it from external aggressions. In our Anti-Aging concentrate, they help the skin looking younger, staying hydrated, firmed and suppled.

. Ferulic acid

Ferulic acid is a powerful antioxidant. Associated to vitamins C and E that are composing our serum, it optimizes their anti-aging effects and improves skin quality.

. Squalane

Squalane restores skin natural barrier, prevents dehydration risks, softens and hydrates the skin intensely.

. Castor oil

Castor oil makes the skin softer thanks to its hydrating properties.

. Olive oil

Olive oil has a strong content of fatty acids that give it its nourishing properties. It is also enriched with vitamin E and polyphenols that have strong anti-aging properties.


3/ Face daily cream: our new Comfort Cream


Cebelia comfort cream

When the serum well penetrated the skin, this is important to apply a daily cream on top of it. At Cebelia we have 2 different daily cares that are complementary. The first one is our Comfort Cream that acts as a protection against stress and thus that contributes to improve cutaneous tolerance by reinforcing skin barrier. Skin is less sensitive and reactive to its external environment. Consequently, our Comfort Cream can be used as an anti-aging prevention, especially for young skins. As for all our products, we selected carefully every active ingredient to make it answer a precise need:

. Physcomitrella Patens moss 

We recently reformulated our Comfort Cream to add in its formula a biotechnological active ingredient: the Physcomitrella Patens moss. Existing for billion years, this is a highly resistant moss that adapts to its external environment. Its extreme resilience gives it very interesting properties in a cosmetic: its acts as real barrier against the environmental stress and against external aggressions Indeed, our skin is facing many aggressions daily: pollution, climate changes, smoke, extreme temperatures… These stress factors accelerate cells natural oxidative stress, which is the phenomenon responsible for progressive skin aging process. Physcomitrella Patens moss improves communication between cells acting at the cell nucleus level. It allows the cell to regain its optimal functioning and thus to the skin to better adapt to its external environment.

. Natural sweet almond, olive and coconut oils & beeswax

Natural oils and beeswax we added in our Comfort Cream restore the cutaneous lipidic barrier, prevent the skin from dehydrating and soothe redness and irritations. They have a powerful lipid replenishing, moisturizing and soothing action.

. Allantoïn

Thanks to its powerful soothing effect, allantoin helps to decrease skin discomfort.

. Glycerin

Finally, glycerin acts as a moisturizer by regulating skin level of hydration.


4/ Face daily cream: our Intensive Anti-Aging

For more mature skins and so as to complete anti-aging aesthetic procedures, we developed our Intensive Anti-Aging formulated with our exclusive patented active ingredient Cebeline. This is a complete anti-wrinkles care, adapted even to the most sensitive skins. It gives firmness, suppleness and brightness to the skin thanks to a unique formula:

Cebelia intensive anti-aging

. Cebeline

Our exclusive patented active ingredient Cebeline has an action on cellular regeneration by restoring mechanical and biological properties of the Dermo-Epidermal Junction (DEJ), fighting against skin aging. Major active ingredient of our Intensive Anti-Aging cream, it allows the product to have a deep action, directly on the DEJ. Cebeline gives back its natural ripples to the DEJ, which can be seen by a firmer and more elastic skin.


Cebelia Intensive anti-aging

Ex-vivo study led by Bio-EC laboratory in France, aiming at evaluating anti-aging activity of Cebelia Intensive Anti-Aging.


. Adenosin

Adenosin fosters collagen synthesis and activates cutaneous microcirculation for a complete anti-aging action.

. Sweet almond oil, phytosqualane and allantoin

These 3 active ingredients hydrate, soothe and nourish the skin for a soothing and moisturizing action.


5/ A targeted treatment: our Reinforced Depigmenting


 Cebelia reinforced depigmenting


As we saw in the first article dealing with the different causes and consequences of the skin aging process, the slowdown of the cellular regeneration process is accompanied by a disruption of the melanogenesis process. Melanocytes responsible of the process are not functioning efficiently anymore which led to pigmentary spots appearance and an uneven skin tone.

So as to treat these age spots, we offer to use our Reinforced Depigmenting which is an intensive anti spots care for face and hands. It contains a unique association of anti-brown spots and anti-dull skin tone active ingredients:

. Pekaline

Second patent of the brand, rewarded as an « Innovation that will change the world » by the C.U.R.I.E. institution, our Pekaline patent acts at 2 levels of the pigmentary spots’ creation process. It inhibits protein kinase (PKA) and thus the melanin synthesis and it modifies melanosomes pH which inhibits melanogenesis. Consequently, we observe a decreasing of the melanin level by 40% on cells which are not already pigmented and a decreasing of 50% on existing pigmentation.

. Vitamin C

As in our My L-HA Booster serum, vitamin C has an action on melanin synthesis because it inhibits tyrosinase.

. Niacinamide

Vitamin PP or niacinamide regulates melanin distribution by inhibiting melanosomes transfer towards keratinocytes.

. Glycolic Acid

Finally, glycolic acid (AHA) which is a fruit acid, exfoliates softly the skin so as to increase deep active ingredients penetration.

To conclude, thanks to this unique active ingredient complex, our Reinforced Depigmenting has an action on many steps of the melanogenesis process which guarantees a unique efficiency on the market. Below a schema illustrating the different action steps of our depigmenting product:


Cebelia pekaline actions

You can use this care under your daily face cream, as a serum. Its texture is fluid and non-greasy, it penetrates quickly with a non-greasy effect. Be careful: we recommend to always use a sunscreen protection SPF50+ after applying a depigmenting product. Never go out without this protection after using our Reinforced Depigmenting.

With this last article, we end our thematic on skin aging. You have all you need to understand causes and consequences of the skin aging process, to treat them both with aesthetic procedures and cosmeceutical products as the one we develop at Cebelia.





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