Slow down and treat skin ageing signs (2/3)

Slow down and treat skin ageing signs (2/3)

ARTICLE 2: How to slow down and treat skin ageing process? 


Today, it’s time to go deeper on the skin ageing process issue with a second article dealing with the different solutions and ways to face skin ageing signs. As we saw with the previous article, the skin ageing process is normal and natural and we all have to deal with it, making it a strength rather than a weakness.

Let’s begin with a small reminder of all the different needs our skin has with the time:

  1.      Skin barrier needs to be reinforced because with time, its protective power is altered, its filter function is threatened and its quality decreases.
  2.      The epidermis (upper layer of the skin) needs hydration as dehydration is a determinant factor of skin ageing.
  3.      Then, the Dermo-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) loses its ripples and is weakened, the anchorage fibers that compose it are altered, it needs to be restored and its regeneration stimulated.
  4.      Finally, the skin also needs to be protected against free radicals to be protected from oxidative stress or at least to slow it down. 

Skin needs with time

Let’s continue with a reminder about the different factors linked to wrinkles and fine lines appearance:

  1.      To begin, muscles have a real action as these are their repetitive micro-contractions that increase the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Skin extends, stretchs and at the end creases.
  2.      Then, the different skin components also get modified, as the DEJ that becomes flat and less resistant, which is reflected as a less firm and elastic skin.
  3.      Finally, skin relief is modified too: the underlying fat is moving and its inequal repartition leads to a loss of volume and facial contours. This phenomenon is accelerating after 60 years old.

Now that we have in mind all the different factors linked to the appearance of skin ageing signs and the skin needs through time, we can speak about the diverse solutions to limit and treat these skin ageing signs.




A)    Facial gymnastic

As we just saw, muscles and their repetitive solicitation are a cause of wrinkles and fine lines development. That is why the control of repetitive facial expressions can limit the appearance and accentuation of wrinkles. Each time a facial muscle is in action, a fold is appearing under the skin surface. As the skin gets older, it loses flexibility and it is not able to recover its initial place, folds become permanent facial fine lines. A daily and natural solution is to practice facial exercise: learn how to control facial expressions and muscle contractions on our face.


B)    Self-massage

Self-massage is also a natural practice with long term benefits. Massaging daily and regularly your skin and adopting the appropriate skincare application gesture, you preserve muscles of your face. For more details on this subjects, we advise you to read our last blog article about this topic:


C)    Lifestyle changes

Another solution is to prevent the skin from facing external skin ageing factors that we listed on the previous article. Decrease its exposal to smoke, protect the skin from UV rays or even use a protective cream as our Comfort Cream to fight against environmental stress. Adapt habits and lifestyle can also have an impact on the skin good health: have a healthy food, do sport regularly, drink water to get hydrated also from the inside are essential reflexes. Have a qualitative sleep is also highly important to preserve the good aspect of the skin.





A)    Aesthetic medicine

The main objective of aesthetic medicine is to correct and improve non-pathologic disfigurement. At the origin, aesthetic medicine was only centered on wrinkles and then it evolved toward volume and contour and it is also focused on surface and texture. We identify chirurgical procedures that are invasive, with important side effects and long healing processes but with deeper and longer benefits. And the non-chirurgical procedures, using new technologies that are less and less invasive and more accessible. In this article, we stay focused on the main aesthetic procedures.

B)    Botox

Botulinic toxin (BTX) is a neurotoxin that stops the action of nerf on muscles that are responsible for wrinkles creation. This paralysis agent limits face movements to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. It does not interrupt the skin ageing process but limits its extern signs. Used since the 90’s, this is a highly famous procedure and we consider it as the most efficient solution to treat the upper part of the face, that means wrinkles as:

-       Glabellar lines,

-       Forehead wrinkles,

-       Crow’s feet.

Nevertheless, this treatment does not work if it is started late as mimic lines will have turned to static lines. It takes 4 to 7 days to kick-in, usually repeated every 4 months.


C)    Corrective Fillers

The word fillers is used to talk about hyaluronic acid injections which the aim is to fill deep wrinkles and lips and nose fine lines. Indeed, hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the dermis that bounds skin proteins as collagen and elastin. Its quantity and quality decrease with age. By injecting it, it stimulates the production of collagen and maintain the skin hydration level. It redraws the face volumes when they disappear. Fillers can also be used to give even more volume to lips, cheekbones, cheeks or chin for instance. Their effects are visible after few days and last during 4 to 6 months.


D)    Peeling

Peeling is a chemical ablation of a defined skin layer that will thus induce regeneration and repair mechanisms of the skin that are launched after an inflammation of the dermis or epidermis. The is tightened and the skin tone is more even.

There are 3 categories of peeling:

-       Superficial peels that exfoliate the epidermal layers without going beyond the basal layer;

-       Medium depth peels that reach the upper reticular dermis;

-       Deep peels that penetrate the lower reticular dermis. Le peeling consiste en une ablation chimique de couches définies de la peau afin d’inciter les mécanismes de régénération et de réparation qui se déclenchent après une inflammation de l’épiderme et du derme. La peau se resserre et le teint est plus régulier.

The depth of a peeling depends on the substance used and, on its concentration, the pH of the solution and the time of application.

Usually good results appear after several weeks: the epidermal architecture is restored; melanocytes are distributed uniformly, and the thickness of basal membrane is homogeneous. In the dermis, new collagen and elastin fibers form a new network.


E)    Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment that consists in making penetrate under the cutaneous surface, a revitalizing cocktail of active ingredients (vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid…). It stimulates the cells metabolism, improves elasticity and firmness of the skin, which is well nourished with nutrients, well hydrated and smoothed. To do that, the doctor can use the technic of micro needling: he uses what we call a dermaroller which is a roller with micro needles. Each micro needle punctures the skin and it creates a micro channel or a micro lesion in the superficial part of the skin. This controlled lesion triggers the filling process with collagen and elastin in the dermis. In addition, new capillaries are formed and this neovascularization and necollagenesis leads to reduction of scars and skin rejuvenation. Skin texture is improved, firmness and hydration are increased too. This is a non-invasive and ablative process that is suitable even for the most sensitive skins. We use this technic to treat local skin ageing, wrinkles prevention, tired skin, cellulite and stretch marks.

You can use our Cebelia Pro L-HA Booster for such kind of procedures: a new range composed of bio-revitalizing boosters to be used during these micro-needling procedures. Our boosters are composed of a cocktail of vitamins, a cocktail of peptides including our Cebeline patent and hyaluronic acid which is highly concentrated. They are customizable regardless patient’s needs and complete the procedure with a home use serum that the patient brings back home at the end of the treatment to maintain the procedure's benefits.


F)     Laser

Laser is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation. There are different kinds of laser to treat divers skin issues.

The 2 mains resurfacing lasers are:

-       Fraxel Dual Laser, which is ablative, it heats up the skin without perforation, improves the skin's volumes and collagen synthesis. It is used to treat wrinkles and spots.

-       CO2 Fractional laser, which is ablative, it leads to skin perforations so as to promote the skin repairing process and to improve skin redesign process and also collagen synthesis. We use it for scars and skin texture improvement.


G)    Lifting & Thread lift

This is a low invasive procedure that uses fine surgical lifts to redesign face areas which are sagging. Implemented under the skin, these fine lifts open as an umbrella and guarantee the support of the skin. This tenseness creates a suspension that slowly raises the supple tissue to create the appearance of a redesigned face contour. Tissues around the lifts act to maintain them without any scar.


 3. Cosmeceutics

Cosmeceutics are cosmetic products with bioactive ingredients that bring safety and efficacy. To know more about this subject, you can read our article about it :

A good cosmeceutic program is the key to repair the skin after an aesthetic procedure and to help it to find its balance faster. It also reinforces the effects of the procedure. Indeed, without a good cutaneous protection, aesthetic procedures' benefits are not optimized and can last less time. This is what we offer at Cebelia: cosmeceutics that accompany you after your aesthetic procedure but also at home in a daily basis. In fact, good cares are essential after aesthetic procedures as the ones we talked about before, but they are also essential daily: they guarantee a better defense against external skin ageing factors and contribute to the good functioning of cells (healing and renewal processes…), they also ensure the good aspect of the skin.


A)    A good skin cleansing

Before applying any care, this is more than essential to cleanse deeply the skin. On the morning, skin secreted sebum during the night, it regenerated, and this is possible that some little impurities are accumulated at its surface. This is primordial to clean it gently for instance with our Softening Soap that allows a soft cleansing of any type of skin. On the evening, after a whole day exposed to external aggressions, your prime concern is to remove your make up: a skin which is not well rinsed off oxides faster, residues stay and prevent it from regenerating well during the night. The make-up removal step is essential to preserve a healthy skin. Do not forget also to clean your skin even after the make-up removal step. Indeed, make up removal and skin cleansing are two different steps that are both essential. At night, you can use our Cleansing Milk: its soft formula does not attack skin and its 2 in 1 action removes make up and cleanses your skin at the same time. Your skin is ready to receive its day or night care.


B)    Preventive care

Before 25 years old, skin needs skin ageing prevention: a skincare that will help it to protect against external aggressions and limit oxidative stress that attacks cells. For instance, our new Comfort Cream is an essential protection against environmental stress and all the small aggressions that our skin is daily facing and that can alter the good functioning of our cells: pollution, smoke, extreme climate and temperature changes…


C)    Anti-Aging daily skincare

After 25 years old, we recommend to use an anti-aging skincare adapted to your skin type as our Intensive Anti-Aging. Composed with our patented active ingredient Cebeline, it will have an action directly on the Dermo Epidermal-JunctionCebeline restores mechanical and biological functions of the DEJ to rebuild the ripples and thus firm and smooth the skin. Cebeline operates as a substitute of Laminin 5 that decreases with time. This direct action on the DEJ is unique on the market, which makes our Intensive Anti-Aging an exclusive skincare with proven efficiency.


D)    Anti age spots care

To fight age spots that appear because of the melanogenesis process deregulation (see previous article), you can use a depigmenting serum as our Reinforced Depigmenting. Formulated with our patented active ingredient Pekaline, our Reinforced Depigmenting has an action on the appearance of new pigmentary spots but also on spots which are already existent. It reduces existing age spots and slow down the development of new ones by acting on different steps of the melanogenesis process. Its unique formula allows these multiples actions for a proven efficiency after 2 to 3 months of use on face, hands and neck.

If you want to use a product for the eye contour area (treatment of pigmentary dark circles), prefer our Eye Brightening, formulated specifically to treat this particularly sensitive area, it also has an action on the different steps of pigmentary spots creation, and it reduces pigmentary dark circles.

Please be careful to always use a SPF 50+ sunscreen so as to protect your skin from UV rays.


E)    Anti-Aging serum

Finally, at any age, you can complete your daily care (Comfort Cream or Intensive Anti-Aging) with a serum to be applied before your daily care: our My L-HA Booster. Formulated with our patented active ingredient Cebeline, it has – like our Intensive Anti-Aging – a direct action on the DEJ. To complete and strengthen this action, it is composed of hyaluronic acid, collagen and a cocktail of vitamins. Combined with our Anti-Aging Concentrate, the anti-aging action is immediate and long-term: skin looks younger, firmer and elastic. Indeed, our Anti-Aging Concentrate is composed of Q10 Coenzyme, a powerful antioxidant with a well-known action on wrinkles and fine lines, and argireline that is a botox like effect peptide 


 cebelia products with age

You now have an overview of all the different solutions to slow down and treat the skin ageing signs. Let’s meet in the future article that will deal more in details about Cebelia’s solutions.



Aesthetic medicine

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