What are cosmeceuticals and how to use them?

What are cosmeceuticals and how to use them?

The word « cosmeceutical » appeared in the late 80’s. It was invented by the American dermatologist Albert Kligman. Cosmeceutical is a simple mix of the words « cosmetic » and « pharmaceutical » with a very scientific and technical connotation. At the beginning, cosmeceutical products were developed by the medical professionals in the aim to prepare the skin to receive aesthetic cares and to accompany it in post procedure treatment. Nowadays, these products are democratized with many different names: active cosmetics, dermaceutical products are few examples.

Historically, they focused on anti-aging benefits but cosmeceutics are more and more treating other skin’s issues, still focusing on very specific needs for targeted treatments. The core principles of these cosmetics are to lean on natural skin and organism function to help them regaining their natural balance when threatened by time and external aggressions. This is all about the preservation of skin’s ecosystem and the strengthening of its natural mechanisms. Less focused on poly-sensoriality compared to conventional cosmetics, cosmeceutical brands have a sober universe targeted health, at the frontier of medical while being a cosmetic brand with topical application. Formulated with active ingredients highly concentrated as peptides, antioxidants and vitamins, cosmeceutics are developed with strong Research & Development processes which ensure proven efficiency and visible results often thanks to patented actives. These actives penetrate deeply into the epidermis for a heightened efficiency. This is the perfect balance between mainstream cosmetics and aesthetic medicine.

In a nutshell, cosmeceutics are today used in pre and post aesthetic procedures as they are able to prolong the effects of aesthetic medicine. But they can also be a less invasive option for those reluctant to aesthetic medicine: a solution combining proven efficiency and pleasure of cosmetics use. Thus, science has a crucial place in the cosmeceutical universe as it is essential for the conception and the research of any formula and it also guarantees optimal efficiency with clinical studies.

Let’s take the example of the Laminin 5 (Ln5). This is a protein naturally present in the human body. It is located in the Dermo-Epidermal Junction binding the Dermis to the Epidermis. This is an essential protein for the cells’ adhesion and the cutaneous cohesion. Even if they are essential and invaluable, with time we lose up to 50% of our Laminins 5 which increases aging signs: fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.



At CEBELIA, we work with scientists coming from the best French research centers as INSERM and CNRS, but also doctors and aesthetic practitioners who share with us their patients’ needs for pre and post treatments. This is the way we developed our patented peptide CEBELINE which is a sequence present on the active segment of the Ln5 and which will help it when absente or deficient. This patented active Cebeline is composing 4 of our products that can be used immediately after a procedure, on the long run to prolong the results but also daily as conventional cares.


LCE Balm 

For instance, our LCE Balm can be used by doctors after a lifting, a blepharoplasty or even injections. These are procedures altering the epidermis and leading to the appearance of bruises and bumps. The LCE Balm has a decongestant and repairing effectaccelerating the epidermal regeneration by restoring the mechanical and biological properties of the skin faster, making the marks let due to the procedure disappear. At home, our LCE Balm can also be used for little daily scratches: bruises, bumps, knocks and superficial skin alterations. You can also employ it on cracked and irritated areas as lips and eye contour. It will have the same decongestant and repairing action.

At CEBELIA, we want to give back the fame and reputation of cosmeceutics, putting aesthetic procedures and patients’ needs in the heart of our approach. Thanks to our aesthetic expertise and regular exchanges with doctors, we analyze procedures’ side effects to highlight the skin and the patient’s needs and thus direct our Research & Development works. We take the time to find the more relevant and efficient active according to the issue we identified, while looking at sensoriality and innocuity for our formulas. All our products can also find their place in your bathroom for a daily use as conventional cosmetics and for simple and proper beauty routines.  

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