How to reshape your figure: 3 ways to get your dream body!

How to reshape your figure: 3 ways to get your dream body!

Looking to get rid of your little lumps and bumps, get a flat tummy, firm up your figure and get a fabulous shapely bottom, or maybe tone up your body after the birth of your baby? There are all sorts of ways to get a dream body, all set for the beach as well as all year round! Professional bodysculpting products, exercise, diet, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.... Of course miracles don't happen by themselves, and often take time. The most important thing is therefore to find the method that suits you best, and stick to it! Here are a few ways to quickly reshape your body.


Method no. 1: eat a healthy, balanced diet and do some exercise.

It's a secret for no one, a balanced diet is essential if you wish to lose weight or firm up your body. The main points of a diet are:

-       Go for low-calorie foods such as fruit and veg, white fish, pulses etc.

-       Include more fibre in your meals: around 25g of fibre per day, found in cereals, brown bread, nuts, fruit and fresh vegetables.

-       Avoid sugar, fats and processed foods: say goodbye to fried food, cakes, cheese, fast food and ready meals!

-       Listen to your body: say no to frustration! Don't forget to treat yourself occasionally!

As well as losing weight due to your diet, try to take part in regular exercise to tone your body and build muscle.


Method no. 2: go for surgery or aesthetic medicine.

Liposuction is the second most popular procedure in France after breast augmentation (over 35,000 procedures carried out per year, according to ISAPS). It eliminates unwanted fat from the hips, thighs, knees and stomach, with the advantage of having instant results!

If you prefer a less invasive procedure, go for coolsculpting, a method using cold temperatures! Ideal for tackling unwanted fat around the stomach, inner and outer thighs, hips, bottom, and even the chin, this procedure is popular with men as well as women. The cold temperature freezes stubborn fat and cellulite, eliminating it once and for all.

A word of warning: these methods may reduce the amount of fat present in the body, but will have little or no effect on the firmness of your skin! Also, don't forget to moisturize your body after procedures such as these! Our Soothing Milk is ideal for this: it is essential for dry, very dry or damaged skin, especially after a cosmetic treatment! The Soothing Milk softens and smooths the skin, moisturizing deep down right from the first application.


Method no. 3: reshape your figure every day without even realizing it.

For people who don't have time to exercise regularly or don't have the budget to stretch to aesthetic medicine, Cebelia has developed unique Shape Up Tights using the cosmetotextile technique. Streamlining your body with zero effort or diet is now possible with these Shape Up Tights, combining an innovative fibre with active ingredients:

The ceramic fibre in the tights captures the heat emitted naturally by the body and converts it into infrared rays which are then returned to the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen production, improve blood microcirculation and the body's heat regulation.

Within this fibre, microcapsules containing cosmetic ingredients are gradually released with friction against the skin. Copaiba, red algae, sweet almond and mango butter: all these ingredients help moisturize and firm your skin whilst slimming your figure! All you have to do is wear them ;)

These Shape Up Tights are also ideal for wearing after a coolsculpting session to rehydrate and firm the skin.

If you're feeling more energetic, you might want to wear your Shape Up Tights for exercising as they work by using your body's heat and movements. That's why they are even more effective when worn during exercise.


Quickly reshaping your body is actually possible! Several options are available including diet, exercise, aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, as well as using the right products to help you reshape your body such as the Cebelia Shape Up Tights.


The Cebelia team

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