Get a younger looking face: 5 ways to regain youthful skin that radiates freshness!

Get a younger looking face: 5 ways to regain youthful skin that radiates freshness!

With age, the skin becomes drier and thinner, whilst the tissues begin to sag. This begins to show in the form of wrinkles, brown spots, less well-defined features, dark circles, etc. But skin ageing is not the end of the world! It is possible to fight this process and slow it down if we choose the right products and beauty routines. There's nothing like dry, dull and tired skin for making us look 10 years older! So let's change our habits before it's too late.


Skin ageing is a natural process.

The first signs of ageing start to appear around the age of 25! From then on, our skin starts to age.

Like all the organs in the body, skin cells suffer from the effects of time and gradually work less efficiently.

When working normally, they renew themselves every 21 days. But as we age, this renewal can take over 30 days, meaning that the oldest cells accumulate on the surface. This causes the skin to dry out and gives the impression of a dull, uneven complexion.

Sebum production also slows down, preventing the hydrolipidic film from fulfilling its role: preventing water from escaping from our body. This means that the skin dehydrates much more quickly.


The role of hormones

Many hormones, such as thyroid or sexual hormones, have a strong influence on the growth and appearance of the epidermis. The gradual reduction in hormonal secretions therefore plays an important role in the skin's ageing process. Over time, the cells increasingly struggle to produce collagen, meaning that the skin sags more.

The role of the environment

Whilst skin ageing is biological, it is often aggravated by external factors. Many specialists have noticed that an unfavourable environment may alter the genetic potential of the skin cells, making them less efficient and more fragile. These factors include:

-       Prolonged exposure to UV rays: as the skin's number one enemy, the sun has very negative effects: it damages the cells, increases the risk of skin cancers, and makes the dermis more rigid whilst making the skin thinner and weaker.

-       Unhealthy lifestyle: poor diet, smoking, alcohol, stress, etc. Many aspects of everyday life help break down the fundamental structures of the epidermis, and hyaluronic acid in particular.

-       Regular exposure to pollution: atmospheric pollution reduces the skin's immune defence system and contributes to accelerating the skin ageing process.


Skin ageing is therefore a natural process which cannot be reversed. However, it can be slowed down. Simple, everyday changes that are accessible to everyone are a great starting point

 1. Gently cleanse your skin

Removing your make-up every night is the first, really important step in fighting cell ageing and caring for your skin. It's so crucial, there's never a good excuse for skipping it!

A good routine involves gently cleansing the eyes, face and neck using CEBELIA Cleansing Milk to eliminate impurities and traces of make-up, every day. And to eliminate dead cells and help your skin absorb any treatments you apply, you can also carry out a gently scrub once a week.

2. Firm up the dermo-epidermal junction

Recognising and using the right products to suit your skin is fundamental to a good anti-ageing skincare routine. One of the main aspects of skin ageing lies in the alteration of exchanges between the dermis and the epidermis, which significantly reduces the structure of the dermo-epidermal junction. As a result, this becomes flatter as you can see below.

The skin loses its firmness, its contours sag and wrinkles form, whilst the healing and cell regeneration processes are also affected. It is therefore essential that this junction is maintained.

Containing our patented oligopeptide Cebeline, in a highly concentrated anti-ageing formula, CEBELIA Intensive Anti-Aging restores the properties of the dermo-epidermal junction to fight the signs of cutaneous ageing whilst firming and smoothing the skin.

Complement your anti-ageing routine by applying CEBELIA Reinforced Depigmenting cream that combats brown spots (otherwise known as 'age spots') whilst creating a more even complexion.

Firming and smoothing + action on brown spots and an uneven complexion = comprehensive anti-ageing action!


3. Take care of the eye contour area

As we saw earlier, the eye area is also affected by the skin ageing process. In fact, it's first in the firing line due to the fact that this skin is so thin and sensitive! Caring for the eye area is therefore absolutely crucial. Dark circles, puffiness under the eyes, fine lines, loss of firmness: the eye area is particularly vulnerable as it is subject to constant movement. But special products are needed for such a sensitive area. For a comprehensive daytime and night-time routine, apply LCE Balm before bedtime to soothe puffiness, reduce vascular dark circles and boost microcirculation. Complement its effects in the morning with CEBELIA LCE Regard which, as well as extending the effects of the balm, contains pigments to provide good coverage and camouflage dark circles. The result is a luminous, refreshed eye area!

4. Get some sleep !

Cell renewal happens during the night! Collagen synthesis increases and the skin regenerates itself. This is why a lack of sleep, or poor quality sleep, can hinder this renewal and speed up the skin ageing process. A disruption in the sleep cycle also disrupts the skin cycle. That's why getting an average of 8 hours' sleep each night is recommended, to ensure you wake up with a refreshed, rested complexion and, more importantly, to fight the signs of ageing. As an extra tip, ideally try to go to bed before 11pm as sleep is more restorative before midnight!

5. Take time out to massage your face... and laugh!

Choosing the right skincare is all well and good, but applying it the right way is even better. To boost the effectiveness of your skincare, smooth out fine lines and plump up your skin, nothing beats a touch of facial gymnastics and massage. It only takes a maximum of 2 minutes a day!

Whilst being gentle on your skin, we recommend massaging it to activate blood microcirculation and encourage the elimination of toxins from your face. Help your skin to absorb your day or night cream by applying it using movements from the inside towards the outside of your face, and upwards from the bottom. Around the eyes, smooth out crow's feet by pulling the skin with the tips of your fingers in a diagonal direction, and lift the eyes by raising the eyebrows for a few seconds. Stimulate the circulation of the lymphatic liquid by gently pressing on the inner corner of the eye.

Another tip: smile and laugh! As well as reducing stress, strengthening the immune system and lifting your spirits, laughing uses a large number of muscles in the face including the famous zygomaticus in the cheeks, as well as in the forehead, temples, lips and eyelids.

So laughing gives your face a workout to help slow down skin ageing.


Simple habits for overall results. What are you waiting for? J

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