Continuous innovation

When Carole Foussé created Laboratoires d’Anjou in 2001its mission statement was already very clear: to take a global approach to beauty so as to enable the skin to fight the effects of ageing and damages from external factors.

Thanks to the lab’s attentiveness and understanding of the needs of doctors and patients of aesthetic medicine, Cebelia is able to conceive cosmetic products that enhance medical procedures and repair any side effects. The collaboration between Laboratoires d’Anjou and the most prominent French research institutes working on ageing and skin alterations led to patents for two major active agents for skin repair and depigmentation.

This desire to advance research and French-made cosmeceutical products was recognized with the award of the OSEO/ANVAR “Innovative Enterprise” Label in 2006.

Test & learn approach

Each Cebelia product is inspired by a need observed on the ground by aesthetic physicians and surgeons. Every aesthetic procedure has an impact on the patient’s skin, and our goal is to enhance the beneficial effects in the long term as well as to repair any adverse effects in the short to medium term. Once a need (irritation, bruise, overheating, etc.) is identified, Laboratoires d’Anjou begins looking for the most efficient targeted actives to include them in effective formulas that are suitable for use on damaged skin. The textures need to be pleasant to apply, smooth and comfortable, but above all perfectly harmless and very well tolerated by skin that has been attacked. Each texture is designed to meet a specific need, like gel textures that provide an immediate cooling sensation and that are quick and easy to apply.

Next comes a whole series of backs-and-forths between the labs and the doctors to optimize the formulas and their packing, a process that can sometimes last more than a year. It is vital for Cebelia to ensure a perfect alignment between each product and the expectations of the medical sphere and the patients themselves. This precaution is essential in order for doctors to actually prescribe our skin care to their patients, and to inspire confidence in anyone who wants beautiful skin.

Two exclusive patented cosmetic ingredients

With this aim of continuous innovation for the skin’s well-being, Laboratoires d’Anjou has established collaborative partnerships with the most prominent French research institutes. Two key patent applications were jointly filed, one in the field of cellular repair and the other concerning depigmentation.

Cebeline ®

The work carried out by Dr. Patricia Rousselle, a world specialist in Laminin 5 (LN-5), led to a patent for an active peptide fragment of LN-5 that can replace it if it becomes altered or is absent. This restores the dermal-epidermal junction and strengthens the cellular architecture of the skin. In this way, Cebeline® boosts cell adhesion and activates tissue regeneration. In other words, it is a healing, anti-ageing agent.

This exclusive patented ingredient is used in our LCE Balm, as well as our Intensive Anti-Aging, Extreme Care and LCE Regard.


Pekaline ®

In partnership with Laboratoires d’Anjou, Prof. Ortonne (dermatology department head) and Dr. Ballotti (specialist in hyperpigmentation disorders) found a new way to act on the skin’s pigmentation mechanism. This exclusive patented ingredient, Pekaline®, acts both before and after tyrosinase (a major enzyme of melanogenesis) to slow melanin production. It inhibits PKA and acidifies the intramelanosomal pH. Used in our Reinforced Depigmenting, Pekaline produces proven results in just a few weeks: dark spots are significantly reduced and even skin tone.





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