Carole Foussé has a real passion for cosmetic and scientific research. For 15 years, she developed luscious products for Garnier, and then meticulous formulas for La Roche Posay. She also followed the rise of medical and surgical aesthetic practices for the improvement and correction of image, coming to the realization that this new vision of beauty demanded a holistic approach. An aesthetic procedure being not only based on medical action but also on an appropriate accompanying cosmeceutical treatment, first to prepare the skin and then to repair it and prolong the effects of the aesthetic medical and/or surgical gesture.

And so in 2001, she decided to launch her own cosmeceutical laboratory which she named Laboratoires d’Anjou as a tribute to that wonderful region whose residents have the longest life expectancy in France. The lab immediately began working with the medical sphere and the biggest names in French research focusing on skin and its balance. It will co-develop two exclusive patents with French research institutes.

In 2007, after several years of “testing and learning” by Laboratoires d’Anjou and its collaboration with aesthetic physicians and surgeons, L.C.E. Balm was the first product to be launched, under the CEBELIA brand name. Thus was born one of the first cosmeceutical brands designed in conjunction with the medical sphere to support aesthetic procedures.

Carole Foussé is particularly passionate about transparent, rigorous and technical approaches. She is highly athletic, a woman who lives life in the fast lane, but also someone who knows how to make time for what is important. She listens to doctors over the world, she understands the patients’ needs, and she is on a continuous quest for the perfect active ingredient, the one that will take action precisely where needed, to prolong and enhance aesthetic procedures.
No empty promises, no forced innovations and no marketing, only a real scientific approach to create effective formulas that are perfectly tolerated and pleasant to use, and which help the skin to fight the signs of ageing and damages from external factors.

Ten years later, CEBELIA is distributed in more than 30 countries and offers a complete range of cosmeceutical treatments for beauty routines that are suitable to one and all, both for daily use and pre- and post- aesthetic procedures. Carole Foussé travels the world, working with the most innovative doctors and identifying ideas for how to improve their procedures and restore skin comfort and serenity.

“My passion is creating formulas that meet the real needs of the skin, alongside doctors and patients, which means thinking not only about the active ingredients but also about their texture, and going back and forth multiple times between the formulation process and the physicians. In other words, we need to pay close attention to the market, when a new product is conceived but also during its formulation and even after its launch, with maximum flexibility and responsiveness.”

Carole foussé




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