A repairing agent for the dermo-epidermal junction

CEBELIA worked with Dr. Patricia Rousselle, a world-renowned specialist in the field of laminins (LNs), and her team. For twenty years, she has been focusing her research on the mechanisms involved in maintaining the cohesion of the epithelial basal lamina, by using the human skin model.

With her and her teams, we had a look at the skin’s repair process and more specifically the role played by LN-5 protein in the recovery of damaged skin. In the centre of the dermo-epidermal junction, there are in fact anchoring fibrils, which allow the DEJ to withstand the stresses to which it is subjected. Among these fibres, Laminin 5 (LN-5) is the major and irreplaceable adhesion protein of the epidermis. LN-5 has a structural role and helps maintain the skin's cohesion. In addition, it carries biological signals which are crucial for the adhesion of keratinocytes.

The purpose of the study was to isolate the active fragment of LN-5. This method involved synthesizing peptide fragments, which play an important role in adhesion. Several peptides had been prepared by choosing sequences in different zones so as to identify the most active ones. Through this process, they were able to identify the Cebeline peptide, a sequence present on the LN-5 gamma 2 chain, which specifically induced the adhesion of the keratinocytes in the epidermis and other epithelial cells, in a dose-dependent manner.

The Cebeline peptide has several characteristics that allow it to cross the epidermis, reach the dermo-epidermal junction, interact with basal keratinocytes and transmit adhesion induction signals: low molecular weight, small size and good stability.

In addition, this peptide increases cell-extracellular matrix adhesion as well as cell-cell adhesion. The Cebeline peptide is a fragment of LN-5, which enables it to restore its original or deficient homologous structure. Its immediate biological activity allows it to induce cell adhesion and restore the properties of the dermo-epidermal junction. It helps to restructure and repair the skin.

This patented active ingredient plays an important role in our LCE Balm formula. Based on the success and the results obtained by doctors, we developed this line of skin repair products including our Intensive Anti-Aging, LCE Regard and Extreme Care.


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