Mesotherapy consists of injecting very low doses of medications locally into the dermis. Created in 1952, this technique is now used in aesthetic medicine, sport medicine and pain medicine. In aesthetic medicine, depending on the instruments used, it may be referred to as mesolifting (with a needle), derma-rolling (with a roller) or micro-needling (with a pen). In all these instances, the goal is to firm and refresh the skin, as an anti-ageing or cellulite treatment, or to remove acne scars.
Mesolifting: this involves using fine needles to inject small quantities of a revitalizing cocktail (of vitamins, amino acids and hyaluronic acid) suited to the skin’s needs into the dermis, along wrinkles or as a “coating” of the whole face or certain body parts.
Derma-rolling and micro-needling: the mechanical effect of micro-perforations of the skin is an immediate stimulation of the fibroblasts, the cells responsible for producing elastin and collagen. The revitalizing cocktail is applied either during or after the aesthetic procedure.


These techniques are effective at combating the skin’s loss of density and elasticity. The skin is tighter, better hydrated and suppler.

Possible side effects

Redness may appear at the end of the aesthetic procedure, and the skin may be sensitive for a few days.

Number of sessions & budget

Several sessions are necessary, starting from €100 each

  • 75ml tube

    CEBELIA Extreme Care is a complete soothing and moisturizing skincare for the face and body. Designed to soothe the skin after aesthetic procedures like peeling treatments, it is an SOS emergency skincare that cools the epidermis and immediately calms reactive and damaged skin. Its active ingredients reduce redness, lower the skin's temperature, rehydrate...

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  • 30ml bottle

    CEBELIA Intensive Anti-Aging facial skincare is a complete anti-wrinkle, firming skincare that recovers the radiance and suppleness of the skin on the face and chest. Its patented active agent, Cebeline, acts on cellular regeneration by restoring the dermal-epidermal junction, thereby fighting the ageing of the skin. The patent was developed in...

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  • 40ml tube

    CEBELIA Comfort Cream is a face and neck skincare, protecting the skin from the environmental stress it faces daily: extreme climatic conditions (humidity, dryness), temperature changes, urban pollution, cigarettes smoke, air conditioning... Thanks to the association of a biotechnological moss and active ingredients essential to skin balance, our Comfort...

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SOOTHE: apply CEBELIA Extreme Care to soothe redness, relieve sensations of heat and overheating, and moisturize the skin intensely. Apply as often as necessary.

PROLONG: eepending on your skin type, prolong the effects of the aesthetic procedure at home:

CEBELIA Intensive Anti-Aging to fight the signs of age with a firming, lifting effect. Apply morning and/or night to the freshly cleansed face, neck and chest.
CEBELIA Extreme Care to soothe and intensely hydrate sensitive skin. Suitable for normal, combination and oily skin, thanks to its light gel/cream texture. Apply as often as necessary.
CEBELIA Comfort Cream to nourish and protect dry skin. Apply morning and/or night to the freshly cleansed face, neck and chest.

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