Carbon dioxide therapy (CDT) is an injection of sterile medical CO2 under the skin using a very fine needle. The highly soluble gas spreads very easily through the skin cells. It firms the skin of the face and reduces cellulite and stretch marks. The influx of oxygen fights ageing and revitalizes and rehydrates the skin, but above all stimulates the fibroblasts to boost their production of collagen and elastic fibres.


When performed on the face, CDT firms eyelids skin, thickens the facial dermis and eliminates dark circles around the eyes. On the body, cellulite and stretch marks are erased. The skin regains it suppleness and its elasticity. The results are immediately visible.

Possible side effects

Very mild redness may appear.

Number of sessions & budget

Several sessions at €50 to €80 each per zone

  • 40ml tube

    CEBELIA Comfort Cream is a nourishing, moisturizing and soothing facial skincare for all skin types, even sensitive skin. This universal skincare is perfectly suited to both women and men. Its active agents nourish the skin and soothe redness, for soft, comfortable skin. Its smooth, lightly scented texture quickly penetrates without making the skin shiny....

    25,20 €
    In Stock
  • 29,60 € Out of stock

    290ml bottle

    CEBELIA Soothing Milk for the body is a crucial ally for dry, very dry and weakened skin. This body milk makes the skin softer and suppler, and moisturizes the skin deep down. Its calming action suppresses itchy and tight sensations. Perfect in winter or after a hair removal session to soothe the skin of the legs. Its creamy, rich texture is lightly scented.

    29,60 €
    Out of stock

SOOTHE: apply CEBELIA Comfort Cream to the face to soothe mild redness and nourish the weakened post-procedure skin. CEBELIA Soothing Milk for the body to soothe mild redness, reduce itching and nourish the weakened post-procedure skin.
CEBELIA Comfort Cream to nourish and protect dry skin. Apply morning and/or night to the freshly cleansed face, neck and chest.
CEBELIA Soothing Milk to make the skin softer and suppler, and to moisturize it deep down. Apply generously once daily, giving special attention to the driest parts of the body.

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