Mammoplasty refers to any aesthetic surgical procedure designed to modify the bust’s shape, size or support.

Mammary hypoplasia appears as a lack of volume in the breasts, compared to the patient’s morphology. This may be caused by the insufficient development of the pituitary gland or by a loss of glandular volume (due to weight loss, pregnancy, hormone imbalances, etc.). The solution is to perform a breast augmentation to make up for the lack of volume by inserting silicone gel prostheses or by performing breast lipofilling using fat removed from the patient’s body, typically the thighs or stomach.

Conversely, some women may suffer from mammary hypertrophy and be handicapped by an over-sized bust (pain, difficulty finding clothes that fit, complexes, etc.). The goal of the breast reduction procedure is then to remove the excess glandular tissue and raise the mammary glands.
The incision marking show the positions of the future scars which will be hidden in natural folds or junction areas. The incisions can be made in the bottom half of the areola, in the armpit or in the crease under the breast.


The final result of mammoplasty can only truly be seen about two or three months after the aesthetic procedure, once the chest has regained its suppleness. Thanks to this type of aesthetic surgery, the size and shape of the breasts are in harmony with the patient’s silhouette.

Possible side effects

Pain may occur in the first few days, particularly if the implants are large in size, especially when placed behind muscles. Oedema (swelling), bruising and discomfort when raising the arms are common after this type of aesthetic procedure.

Number of sessions & budget

Starting from €3,500

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