CEBELIA manifesto

“We believe in the right to be beautiful and to feel good about ourselves.

We believe in the power of beauty.

We believe in speaking plainly and rejecting empty promises.,

We believe in working with aesthetic physicians and surgeons.

This is why Cebelia has been inventing cosmeceutical solutions since 2007 to help the skin recover and regain its balance, and to fight the signs of ageing and damage from external factors. Cebelia’s formulas are created and manufactured in France using patented active ingredients, with proven results.

Cebelia, for beautiful skin without compromise.”

Why beautiful skin?

Our skin is a defence mechanism and a mirror. Because our skin is one of the main organs that come into contact with the outside world, beautiful skin means enhanced natural protection and is a sign of good health.

Our skin reflects our age of course, but above all our internal self. At birth, it is the first tool at our disposal for interacting with the world around us. Then, and life goes on, everything can be read in our skin: happiness and balance, but also stress, fatigue, smoking, climate, diets, accidents of fate and more... So we all want to repair and restore our skin.

Scientists’ understanding of our skin is improving all the time, and we have now fully identified the roles played by some of its cells. Thanks to its three successive layers – the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis – our skin protects us against toxins and pathogens, UV rays, and mechanical and thermal shock, and also regulates the body’s temperature. The skin’s dermal-epidermal junction is the point of interface between the dermis and the epidermis. It plays a fundamental role of mechanical support and is also where biological exchanges occur that are essential to the skin’s integrity and cohesion. As we age, our cells regenerate less quickly, and this junction deteriorates. This is one of the mechanisms against which scientific research has achieved extremely encouraging results.

The skin also acts like a “multi-sensory organ” thanks to its tactile and other nerve endings which detect stimuli relating to temperature, pain, light and even smell and sound according to certain scientists!

This major role played by the skin in the holistic approach to wellness is what inspired the creation of Cebelia. Our core purpose is to correct the effects of time and external factors in order to rebalance the skin and restore its natural repair functions.




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