This aesthetic medical procedure is designed to tighten slack tissues in the face. The suspension sutures are implanted under the skin to correct the slackening of the face and neck. They are placed using a needle and work like Velcro, “hooking onto” the skin. Thread lift can reposition tissues and areas of the face without cutting or scarring. The procedure is a sort of non-surgical face lift.


The first results are visible immediately, with the final results appearing three months later and lasting several years. The skin is tighter, and the facial features are “lifted”.

Possible side effects

Bruising will appear at the sutures’ injection site. The face will be swollen for several days.

Number of sessions & budget

A single session, €1,500 to €4,000 depending on the area being treated

  • Repairs, promotes the resorption of bruises and decongests

    CEBELIA LCE Balm is a repairing, decongesting skincare that is unique on the market. The fruit of our collaboration with aesthetic physicians and surgeons and of our partnership with a renowned French research institute, CEBELIA LCE Balm acts on cellular regeneration in order to accelerates epidermal repair, as well as promotes the resorption of bruises...

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  • 24,40 € 30,50 € -20% In Stock

    Corrects dark circles, bags and fine lines

    CEBELIA LCE Regard is a 2-in-1 eye make-up that both repairs and conceals. Its main active ingredients, particularly Cebeline, have an anti-ageing effect and act on epidermal regeneration and blood circulation, while its tinted concealer formula can cover dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and imperfections. Its pigmented fluid texture makes it easy to...

    24,40 € 30,50 € -20%
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  • 31,76 € 39,70 € -20% In Stock

    Firming and smoothing

    CEBELIA Intensive Anti-Aging facial skincare is a complete anti-wrinkle, firming skincare that recovers the radiance and suppleness of the skin on the face and chest. Its patented active agent, Cebeline, acts on cellular regeneration by restoring the dermal-epidermal junction, thereby fighting the ageing of the skin. The patent was developed in...

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REPAIR: reduce bruising and swelling by applying CEBELIA LCE Balm to cleansed skin, immediately after the aesthetic procedure, and then twice daily. Continue until the surface of the skin is completely repaired.
CONCEAL: CEBELIA LCE Regard can conceal the injection site and any bruising during the day. Use the brush to apply the product to the area you want to conceal, then blend by patting with your fingertip.
PROLONG: CEBELIA Intensive Anti-Aging fights the signs of age with a firming, lifting effect. Apply morning and/or night to the freshly cleansed face, neck and chest.


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