Soothe and repair 

Cebelia products to soothe, repair and heal the skin

Cebelia cosmeceutics are formulated and developed with aesthectic doctors to repair the damaged and weakened skins after a surgery (rhinoplasty, lifting...) or aesthetic medecine (laser, peeling, hyaluronic acid injections...) or by daily aggressions (cut, wound, bruises...).

Cebelia offers a range of repairing, healing, soothing skincare to help the skin recovers integrity and serenity.

  • Repairs, promotes the resorption of bruises and decongests

    CEBELIA LCE Balm is a repairing, decongesting skincare that is unique on the market. The fruit of our collaboration with aesthetic physicians and surgeons and of our partnership with a renowned French research institute, CEBELIA LCE Balm acts on cellular regeneration in order to accelerates epidermal repair, as well as promotes the resorption of bruises...

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  • Soothes redness and overheated skin, moisturizing intensely

    CEBELIA Extreme Care is a complete soothing and moisturizing skincare for the face and body. Designed to soothe the skin after aesthetic procedures like peeling treatments, it is an SOS emergency skincare that cools the epidermis and immediately calms reactive and damaged skin. Its active ingredients reduce redness, lower the skin's temperature, rehydrate...

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  • 22,80 € 28,50 € -20% In Stock

    Protects from environmental stress

    CEBELIA Comfort Cream is a face and neck skincare, protecting the skin from the environmental stress it faces daily: extreme climatic conditions (humidity, dryness), temperature changes, urban pollution, cigarettes smoke, air conditioning... Thanks to the association of a biotechnological moss and active ingredients essential to skin balance, our Comfort...

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  • 25,20 € 31,50 € -20% We are currently out of stock. Available from November 2018.

    Prevents dryness, redness and itching

    CEBELIA Soothing Milk for the body is a crucial ally for dry, very dry and weakened skin. This body milk makes the skin softer and suppler, and moisturizes the skin deep down. Its calming action suppresses itchy and tight sensations. Perfect in winter or after a hair removal session to soothe the skin of the legs. Its creamy, rich texture is lightly scented.

    25,20 € 31,50 € -20%
    We are currently out of stock. Available from November 2018.
  • 11,92 € 14,90 € -20% We are currently out of stock. Available from November 2018.

    Protects and repairs then hands and nails

    CEBELIA Multi-Active Cream is a repairing cream for dry hands and damaged nails. This nourishing, protective skincare rehydrates the skin and strengthens the nails. Its smooth texture provides immediate relief to dry hands and soothes irritation. Its active ingredients return the skin's suppleness and softness and strengthen damaged nails.

    11,92 € 14,90 € -20%
    We are currently out of stock. Available from November 2018.

Cebelia range of skincare to heal and soothe the skin offers cosmetic products to apply before and after surgery to prepare the skin to receive the treatments and soothe it immediately after, as well as a in your daily skincare routine to recover a healthy and beautiful skin.

Healing cream, soothing gel, nourishing and protective cream, find all our products to take care of your skin.

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